Ghosty the Vigilante

Ghosty the Vigilante
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Funk Vigilante is unique among their peers on the west coast of Canada. Rather than taking cues from the endless parade of indie/pop acts they've elected to push the boundaries of punk, metal, hip-hop, electronic and needless to say, funk, all while maintaining their own unique stylistic energy that can't be labeled.

In 2009 Funk V released their debut record "Civil Disobedience" and embarked upon several tours of Canada, sharing the stage with acts such as Protest the Hero, Thrice, Dayglo abortions and Ninjaspy.

Their epic first single "Worst President Ever" received acclaim from media outlets all the way from the U.S. to the middle east.

In early 2012 the band released their next major single "Internet Fight Song", addressing online censorship. The song received support from international E-sports figureheads such as Day(9) and Total Biscuit, and reached audiences around the world.

The band played Vancouver's infamous 420 rally, exposing their music and message to tens of thousands of protesters.

Funk Vigilante continues to evolve, honing their craft and bringing their unique energy to stages and speakers all around. One thing is certain, Funk Vigilante is relentless in their passion for creating something primal, sophisticated, and above all else, real.

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