Ghosty the Vigilante

Ghosty the Vigilante

Internet Fight Song - Funk Vigilante

From the first lyrics to the finished video, Internet Fight Song was produced in under a week as a response to the impending SOPA/ACTA bills being pushed through American congress to censor the Internet.

Although the bill was defeated, there is no end to the attacks on the Internet by governments and multinational corporations. Although the bills aren't called SOPA or Protect I.P. anymore, they are still being pushed around the world, often with virtually zero public awareness or discussion.

The media will often cry "cyber-terrorism" or various obscenities, but more often then not these are just thinly-veiled attempts to rally public support for legislation that pre-dominantly serves to censor the Internet and stifle free speech.

I like to think this track still stands as a reminder that the public must remain eternally vigilant if we hope to protect the Internet and free speech.

Written and produced by Ghosty and Judson Mackay

Directed by Ghosty

Camera by Justin Baglo

Big thanks to Dale Baglo. Without him this project would never have been possible.

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