Dr. BlueScreen (The Covid-19 Song)

Posted on May. 25, 2020

This song is dedicated to Karen.

Well my dudes, they did it. They fucking banned live Rock and Roll music.

I was on board with the masks, the social distancing, flattening the curve...all that shit. We're all in this together until you goddamn galaxy-brains fucking BAN ROCK SHOWS.

"But relax Ghosty, we just have to wait for Bill Gates to come up with vaccine and then we can finally have OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED GOVERNMENT APPROVED ROCK MUSIC™ BACK AGAIN!"

I mean, is it even still Rock'N'Roll anymore at that point?

Love you! :)


Part I: Protest Music (Youtube Video Playlist)

Posted on Nov. 15, 2019


Freaky Be Funky is an album in 3 chapters.  The first chapter is Part I: Protest Music

The first 5 tracks on Freaky Be Funky focus on the eternal war between the corrupt power structures of the world and the unwavering rebel spirit.

These are songs about freedom, peace and fucking with the program.

Hope y'all dig it! 

Much love,

Big Tech Book Burning (Original song/video)

Posted on Jul. 15, 2019

Fuck Censorship.

My new music video about the #VoxAdpocalypse and the insane torrent of online censorship of dissident voices including Milo, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson....man the list is way too long at this point.

Keep it real,


BANNED SONG - "It's Okay To Be White" SJW Friendly Re-mix!

Posted on Nov. 24, 2018

Youtube banned the original version of this song for "hate speech".  Hopefully we can actually get this one past the censors.

The original unedited version is on my bitchute channel: Bitchute.com/ghosty

I suggest people subscribe to me there because Youtube just isn't a reliable platform anymore.  Big Tech as a whole has decided to cave to globalist corporations, fake news and SJWs.

Originally I just wrote this song as a joke, but apparently it's more serious than I thought.  I guess maybe it's not okay to be white after all.

--- HIJACK THIS GENERATION --- [Official Music Video]

Posted on Oct. 13, 2018

Brand new single from the record 'Freaky Be Funky" out October 20th, 2018!

100% pure uncut hardcore rebel music.

It's Okay To Be White Song/Video

Posted on Feb. 13, 2018

Based on a 4chan postering campaign that stirred up controversy with what has to be the most innoffensive thing I've ever heard.  How is this even controversial?

Update July 15, 2019: This song just got voxxed for violating Youtube's "hate speech" policies.  I guess 4chan was right after all...

Update Oct 31st, 2019: Re-edited an SJW friendly re-mix with the edgy bits all cut out.  :)

Update Nov 16th, 2019: Holy Jesus Fuck Youtube removed it again!  And that was AFTER I went through and edited a safe space version for them!

Alright fuck it.  Here is the original "It's Okay To Be White" in all it's offensive glory on Bitchute, where they don't hate free speech.

- RECKONING DAY (Lyric Video) - Ghosty Boy featuring Strike 13

Posted on Nov. 23, 2017


Strike 13 is:

Biaggio Martino - Drums
Taylor Nichol - Guitar
Vic Levak Guitar - Guitar/Electronics
Dan Lomonaco - Bass
Ghosty - Vocals



Posted on Apr. 20, 2017

Hey guys, I'm stoked to release the first single from my upcoming debut record "Freaky Be Funky".

Thanks to all the people who helped put this together!  Happy 4/20!

Freaky Be Funky Album Intro: The Stump Speech

Posted on Apr. 13, 2017

Short video for the intro track from my debut record Freaky Be Funky!

The Sell-Out Song Music Video!

Posted on Mar. 8, 2016

The $ell-Out $ong is a track from an old solo record of mine called Look on the Bright Side.

In the A.D.D. riddled depths of an MS Paint bender I randomly decided that now was the time to make an animated music video for the song.

It's an ode to all the creative, talented artists who do it for the love of music, and refuse to dumb it down or pop it up to try to make a quick buck.  Hope you dig it!


Guerilla Radio LIVE - Killing In The Name Of

Posted on Apr. 20, 2015

The Rage tribute project is one of the most ruthless ass-kicking bands I've ever played with. The shows are electrifying and the crowds are always amazing.

Featuring the wicked chops of Funk-V alumni Josh Boudreau and Jud Mackay, as well as Joe Faraguna on bass!

I am sincerly honoured to play these iconic rebel anthems with such a fantastic crew of badass motherfuckers.

Filmed by Adam Lee at VictoriaMusicScene.com

Keys to the Kingdom - Current Swell

Posted on Jan. 25, 2014

I think this is probably my favorite Current Swell video. It's vaguely a parody of the reality t.v. series "Storage Wars", but I dig it just because we thought up so much weird, fucked up nonsense to put in it.

We get to throw American dollar bills all over the place, and my character is in some wacky B.D.S.M. scene in a garage with bunnies and shit.

Strange Birds of a Feather - My Monsanto (Official Music Video)

Posted on May. 7, 2013

Strange Birds of a Feather is:

Nigel Strange: bass & vocals

Eric Hogg: guitar/keys/harmonies

Jud MacKay: drums

Ghosty: guitar

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