Valentine\'s Day Party Announcement!

Valentine's Day Party Announcement!

Posted on Jan. 6, 2020

This Valentine's Day 2020 I'll be throwing down some romantic love ballads with my Rage tribute Killing in the Name!  Featuring brand new electronic/industrial act Apocalypse Meow and more to come!

Take that special someone and melt their heart by melting their face!

See you there!


Ghosty Boy's Debut Record "Freaky Be Funky" is OUT NOW!

Posted on Oct. 20, 2018

Ghosty Boy Freaky Be Funky

Ladies and Gentlemen I am pleased to announce that the FUNK HAS ARRIVED!

You can buy my new record (CD or digital download) or stream it for free here:

Buy 'Ghosty Boy - Freaky Be Funky' on CD or Digital Download Now!

Freaky Be Funky is an album broken into 3 chapters.  Part I is Protest Music, Part II is Porno Music and part III is Pyro music.  Musically it spans genres from Rock to Metal to Hip-Hop to Industrial, and of course a hefty dose of Funk!

Produced by myself and the unparalleled studio virtuoso Eric Hogg, this record was many years in the making for me, and it is easily the realest record I've ever produced. 

This is my heart and soul in 13 songs so crank it right the fuck up my friends.

Freak Out, No Fear

Yes here we go.

Ghosty's 'Freaky Be Funky' Record Release Party is Saturday October 20th!!!

Posted on Sep. 23, 2018

Ghosty Boy Freaky Be Funky Record Release Party! 

Join us at Capitol Ballroom where we will be joined by our amazing friends in My friends, I am beyond stoked to announce that my new debut solo record "FREAKY BE FUNKY" is coming out on October 20th!

SPACEBOOTS, most of the brothers FUNK VIGILANTE, special guest NESS will be throwing down on an epic Victory Celebration!

After over a decade of touring, recording with amazing producers and sharing the stage with some of the most unbelievable acts on the planet, everything I've learned has been focused into this record. It's my heart and soul focused into 13 rebel songs.

If you are or have ever been a fan of any of the work I've done with Funk V, Current Swell, the Rage tribute or any of the other shiznit I've stumbled into I sincerely hope you will and check out this record, and join us on October 20th for the Victory Party!

Facebook event:

Online ticket link:


Posted on Apr. 20, 2017

Hey guys, I'm stoked to release the first single from my upcoming debut record "Freaky Be Funky".

Thanks to all the people who helped put this together!  Happy 4/20!

Current Swell Album Release and Tour!

Posted on Mar. 31, 2017

Europe tour with Dispatch!

Current Swell's new record "When To Talk and When To Listen" comes out May 15th, 2017!

We'll be touring Canada, the U.S. and Europe over the coming year. Check out for updates!



Ghosty Predicts the 2016 election!

Posted on Nov. 7, 2016

America has the best elections, folks!

Tremendous candidates, believe me. The media isn't a trainwreck (they are) and the primary wasn't rigged against Sanders (it was). 

That's just locker room talk, folks.  Big league.

Thank god this embarassing asshole of a dumpster fire trainwreck of an election is nearly fucking over.

Recording In Nashville!

Posted on Oct. 23, 2016

I've been working on a new Current Swell record with the fantastic Jacquire King and it has been a fantastic experience.

Jacquire and his team of engineers are absolutely world-class and I've had to amp up my game to keep up with their creativity and ruthless efficiency.  The iconic Blackbird studio in Nashville is the craziest studio I've had the pleasure of working in.

Heading to Vancouver soon to continue recording.  Stoked!

Ghosty Boy's debut show at Tall Tree 2016!

Posted on Apr. 8, 2016

I've got a new solo project with a record in the works and I'll be debuting the new act live on Canada 2016 at Tall Tree Music Festival!!!

The Sell-Out Song Music Video!

Posted on Mar. 8, 2016

The $ell-Out $ong is a track from an old solo record of mine called Look on the Bright Side.

In the A.D.D. riddled depths of an MS Paint bender I randomly decided that now was the time to make an animated music video for the song.

It's an ode to all the creative, talented artists who do it for the love of music, and refuse to dumb it down or pop it up to try to make a quick buck.  Hope you dig it!


Killing In The Name Of LIVE!

Posted on Nov. 30, 2015
Killing In The Name Of

Our Rage Against The Machine Tribute is playing January 15th at Lucky Bar in Victoria! Tickets are available online now at

The videos from the last Killing in the Name show are now up on Youtube as well! Check out the entire playist here!


...and a riot

be the rhyme

of the unheard.

Current Swell on tour across Canada!

Posted on Oct. 24, 2015
Current Swell back on the road!
Coming soon to a city near you!

Funk Vigilante full live concert video is coming!

Posted on Sep. 11, 2015

As it turns out we've procured the footage from the 'End of the World' show in Victoria.

Funk Vigilante End of the World Show

Initially the plan was to edit one or two song together, but the entire set was actually pretty dope, and the project has kind of evolved. It's taking some time to put all the pieces together, but we hope to release the entire concert soon.

Stay tuned!

New Current Swell E.P. out now!

Posted on Aug. 20, 2015

We just released a new 5 song E.P. titled 'Home is where you make it'!

Home is where you make it

The E.P. features a new recording of the track 'Young and Able', as well as a couple of live recordings and a couple of songs recorded during the Ulysess sessions that weren't included on that record.

You can listen to the tracks and purchase them at the official Swell audio store.

Hope you dig it.

Playing a festival with Jane's Addiction!

Posted on Jun. 4, 2015

Man, I freaked the fuck out when I heard this!

Current Swell will play Victoria's own Rock the Shores festival this month and Jane's Addiction is headlining.

Jane's Addiction has been my all-time favorite band (...i think) ever since I was a little punk (...i still am) so sharing a stage with them is an enourmous milestone for me as a musician.

I can only assume that the show will end with Perry and I having a massive bro-down, most likely under the influence of designer hallucinogens. We connect on such a deep, spiritual level that he asks me to join the band as there permanent bass player. Obviously I say yes, because I'm not in nearly enough bands as it is.

Hey, a fella can dream, right?