Posted on Mar. 2, 2017

Critical thinking, Objectivity and You!

Hi guys! It's your friendly neighborhood rebel lunatic here with a handy dandy guide to modern media stupidity! LET'S MAKE FUN OF EVERYONE!!!

Fake News everywhere!

Every source has different degrees of journalistic integrity mixed in with shoddy, lazy or agenda driven bullshit. In Part 1 I'll roughly identify some different "teams" and their dumbass agenda.

Part 2 shows a couple handy tricks to *TRY* to get a little closer to the objective truth. I'll include a few sources that I dig as well.

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Free Speech Rant

Posted on Feb. 19, 2017


Fake News and the Media. Don't buy into the hype and stay positive.

Posted on Feb. 2, 2017

Too much anger, division and negativity going on. Today I'm cracking jokes and making fun of the silly media. Better things are coming if we stick together! Peace!

Ghosty Predicts the 2016 election!

Posted on Nov. 7, 2016

America has the best elections, folks!

Tremendous candidates, believe me. The media isn't a trainwreck (they are) and the primary wasn't rigged against Sanders (it was). 

That's just locker room talk, folks.  Big league.

Thank god this embarassing asshole of a dumpster fire trainwreck of an election is nearly fucking over.

Angel Wings and Bria's Music Box

Posted on Jun. 3, 2016

(by Ghosty, for Bria with Love)

I'm sitting here spinning the lever of a wind-up music box that my dear friend Bria Magnin-Forster gave to me. The delicate lullabye tones twinkle over the whir of the winding gears. It is haunting and beautiful.

Bria was like that. Beautiful, but at the same time haunted. She'd sit in my living room playing the piano, inventing these breathtaking melodies that would tear at your soul.

Haunting and beautiful.

The first night I met Bria she was busking downtown. We had this immediate, profound creative connection. She played me a song she wrote called 'Roxy', a brilliantly crafted story about a sex worker's internal struggle.

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Ghosty Boy's debut show at Tall Tree 2016!

Posted on Apr. 8, 2016

I've got a new solo project with a record in the works and I'll be debuting the new act live on Canada 2016 at Tall Tree Music Festival!!!


Posted on Dec. 15, 2015

I'm Ghosty, and I don't really want to write a blog right now. Come back later and *maybe* I'll actually have something here.

In the meantime, click around this website and check out music and videos from the bands that I play in.


...you still here?

Alright, if you really want to know I'll tell you ONE thing: I have not worn a pair of matching socks in over ten years.

Trust me, bro!

Satisfied? Okay good. Now go click on some stuff or something. Maybe buy an album while you're at it.

I promise I will put something here when I get a chance.



Funk Vigilante Freedom Tour Spring 2010!

Posted on May. 31, 2010

Funk Vigilante tours Western Canada in support of their debut record "Civil Disobedience".

Apologies to the wicked people who came out to the Richmond, BC show. That was the last and one of the best shows on the tour, but the footage from that night was unfortunately lost.