Posted on Mar. 2, 2017

Critical thinking, Objectivity and You!

Hi guys! It's your friendly neighborhood rebel lunatic here with a handy dandy guide to modern media stupidity! LET'S MAKE FUN OF EVERYONE!!!

Fake News everywhere!

Every source has different degrees of journalistic integrity mixed in with shoddy, lazy or agenda driven bullshit. In Part 1 I'll roughly identify some different "teams" and their dumbass agenda.

Part 2 shows a couple handy tricks to *TRY* to get a little closer to the objective truth. I'll include a few sources that I dig as well.

Almost all media factions have these two things in common:

a) NONE will publish news that runs counter to their narrative.

b) They will ALL tell you the other guys are lying/alternative facts/fake news.

The trick is to not get too sucked into any one team, and check the other side for their rebuttal. Do some goddamn homework ya slackers!

Obviously I am not free of bias myself, so in the interest of transparency here is my primary personal agenda: Peace, free speech and net neutrality.

I would describe myself as a radically-moderate socialist-libertarian independant.

What? That makes no sense? Who gives a fuck. Moving on!


***TEAM CLINTON: The Clinton Fake News Mainstream Media Network! YAY!***
State Sponsered Propaganda!Includes: CNN, Buzzfeed, The Washington Post, MSNBC, The NYT and many others.

These guys represent the old guard. They pretend to be liberal or whatever but mostly they are just pissed that they're completely losing control over the public narrative. These dickheads sold us lies about WMDs and fucked over Bernie Sanders.

Trump fuckin HATES these guys, haha! If you don't like Trump you'll be tempted to buy into their bullshit because it fits your worldview. IT'S A TRAP!

That said, what they DO report is largely factual AND they have experience and resources to get the scoop. Mainstream media is still a good baseline for news, just keep a close eye on these fuckers.

THEIR AGENDA: They want you to hate Trump so bad that you'll come crawling back to their corrupt corporate dickhead arms while they offer JACK SHIT to the public and sell you out to billionaire globalists. They also fucking love wars.

You can usually identify this team because they are OBSESSED with tying Trump to Russia, and they love to run hit pieces on people and call them racist.

Here's an obviously biased but interesting piece by Sargon of Akkad on team Clinton:

***TEAM GRASSROOTS LEFT: Taking back the democratic party.***Feel the Bern!
Includes: DemocracyNow, Justice Democracts, The Jimmy Dore Show, Bernie Sanders.

Grassroots activists want to kick the corporatist dickholes out of their party. This gets zero support from the Establishment because they challenge the status quo and demand party reform.

Hipsters and social justice warriors are annoying as fuck, but generally I dig these guys.

THEIR AGENDA: Justice Democrats have a pretty solid left wing platform IMO:

***TEAM CANCER: Paid shills and bots ruining the Internet. Violent rioters.***
Go fuck yourself Shareblue!Includes: Correct the Record, ShareBlue, Antifa.

Ever heard of the term astroturf?  It means fake, paid grassroots "activists". They are all up in your forums, spreading bullshit and trying to make it look organic.

These commie assholes ruin honest discourse on the Internet and fuck up peaceful protests.

THEIR AGENDA: Pump up anti-Trump hysteria, make it look like everyone agrees. Incite violent riots at protests.

Their playbook got leaked so you can so exactly how they operate:

Tough to spot these guys, but they are often on a tangent about Trump being a fascist, Russian puppet. Standard bullshit.

Note: These guys have infested reddit. Reddit always leans left but now the whole site is a Trump hatestorm except a couple of subs.

***TEAM SNEAKY FUCKERS: Yes, Social media uses their platform to sway your opinion.***
Big brother is watching!Includes: Google, facebook, twitter, reddit.

These companies have become politically charged and they do sneaky shit like adjusting their algorythyms, banning users and "cracking down on fake news" to push their agenda.

Seriously, switch your default search engine to Bing or DuckDuckGo for a week. It's like living in a different fucking universe, dude.

All Trump's top twitter replies are negative and there's be at least some evidence that this is intentional.

THEIR AGENDA: It seems like they are trying to contain "populist uprisings" and maintain the status quo.

Here's Zuckerberg caught on a hot mic assuring the Queen of the E.U. that he'd filter anti-immigration posts:

***TEAM FUCK ALL THE IMMIGRANTS: Build a wall, deport everybody, banish Islam.***
Great, another fuckin holy war.Includes: Breitbart, The Drudge Report.

Christ, these retards are just DYING to start a fucking holy war.  If a minority commits a crime, these fucks will get you the scoop.

It's pretty easy to just say "These buttholes are racist" and move on, and I wouldn't blame you.

I'd argue that you should check these sites because a) you should check alternative points of view regularly and b) they will offer counterpoints to liberal media that *sometimes* have validity.

AGENDA: Holy fuck these guys have a hard-on for Islam. And illegal immigrants too.

Depending on who you ask these guys either want to toughen up border security and restore law and order OR throw minorities into private prisons and kill another million brown people.

They think George Soros is funding a legalized Islamic invasion and attacking Christian family values.  Whatever, moving on.

***TEAM CONSPIRACY: HOLY SHIT the world is controlled by Illuminati Lizards!***
Time for war, I guess.Includes: Infowars, Zerohedge, Disobedient Media.

Alex Jones, the pyromaniac of misinformation, rants about the Gay Frog Holocaust:

An INSANE amount of people listen to Alex these days. Don't freak out too hard, most Trump supporters I've talked to take him with a bucket of salt.

The reason his support base is growing is because he's funny as fuck and Trump supporters are sick of 24/7 anti-Trump coverage.  Sadly, Alex has basically become a Trump bootlicker.

He does some interesting interviews and actually does have some insider sources.

*Occasionally* he even gets it right (turns out the government actually WAS spying on everybody! YAY!!!).

His sidekick Paul Joseph Watson is *slightly* more level headed, and has a few interesting pieces.  Here's his take on the recent Sweden controversy:


These guys claim to be revealing government corruption, but they probably won't say shit about the fact that Trump's posse is full of Goldman Sachs dickheads and Blackwater mercenaries.

Hypothetically they are pro-peace, but we'll see what they do once Trump let's loose the hogs of war.

***TEAM LEAKERS: Mostly credible journalists revealing corruption on both sides.***
Includes: Wikileaks, Glenn Greenwald.

These guys have a great track record of publishing verified information to the public.

Historically they have exposed both left-wing and right-wing bullshit so that's at least a point in their favor.

AGENDA: Maintain credibility, critisize and expose governments. Obviously people think they have agendas as well and that's valid. I won't lie, I like'em.

***TEAM TROLLS: If you get offended, they win!***
Clinton actually lost to this cartoon.Includes: 4chan, Milo, The_Donald subreddit and a lot of Youtube.

Mainstream media wants you to think that Russia hacked the election but really it was these shit-posting assholes.

These fuckers just hijacked the Repulican party and turned the entire world upside-down for the lulz. 

They post pictures of cartoon frogs everywhere and generally cause mayhem on the Internet. I swear they got Trump elected just to piss you off.

I'm not right wing at all, but I hang with this crew on forums just because they make me laugh, and some of them are pretty clever. Offensive shit is funny to me.


When I see mainstream media articles bashing Trump I take a quick peek over at reddit.com/r/the_donald and see what counter-narrative they are spinning.

It's a lot of unsourced nonsense and obnoxious memes but occasionally they bring up valid points. They shut right the hell up when Trump does something too stupid to defend, like building private prisons of having the FCC chip away at net neutrality.

Caution: Subreddit may cause eyes to bleed.


Oh, well that clears that up.It's basically situational.

Don't believe anything you see (especially on facebook) until you check AT LEAST one counter argument.

Change up your search engine and look around.

Never assume that any given source is completely reliable OR completely untrustworthy.
Assume everyone has an agenda.

Some random dickhead on youtube might just be the guy telling the truth.
Be open-minded.

Below are some sources I find informative and entertaining:

Glenn Greenwald: Hard hitting, serious journalism. Critical of both parties:

An0maly: Bernie supporter turned Trump optimist. Smart kid, good natured.

Sargon of Akkad: Smart cat, sourced commentary on U.S. and Europe. Not for everyone.

Jimmy Dore: Progressive left-leaning, critic of corporate democrats.

Philip DeFranco: Lots of tabloid gossip trash, but his news commentary is actually kind of balanced. Younger audience.

Feel free to add sources, articles and videos that you like in the comments. Also feel

free to criticize this guide or call me an agenda pushing fuckface or whatever you


Love you guys, PEACE!