Ghosty Boy's Debut Record "Freaky Be Funky" is OUT NOW!

Posted on Oct. 20, 2018

Ghosty Boy Freaky Be Funky

Ladies and Gentlemen I am pleased to announce that the FUNK HAS ARRIVED!

You can buy my new record (CD or digital download) or stream it for free here:

Buy 'Ghosty Boy - Freaky Be Funky' on CD or Digital Download Now!

Freaky Be Funky is an album broken into 3 chapters.  Part I is Protest Music, Part II is Porno Music and part III is Pyro music.  Musically it spans genres from Rock to Metal to Hip-Hop to Industrial, and of course a hefty dose of Funk!

Produced by myself and the unparalleled studio virtuoso Eric Hogg, this record was many years in the making for me, and it is easily the realest record I've ever produced. 

This is my heart and soul in 13 songs so crank it right the fuck up my friends.

Freak Out, No Fear

Yes here we go.